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Executive consulting in financial services & technology

Organizational sensitivity is key for how we operate. Every situation demands a bespoke tone of voice. However, when it comes to our advice to you, there will be no sugarcoating. Problems can be solved best when the unfiltered truth is addressed.

We are straightforward

We stick to the scope

We don't like scope drift. We deliver on a clear statement of work without 'everything is related to everything' narratives to expand the assignment.

Don't expect an abundancy of slides. We know how to separate the relevant from the irrelevant and focus on the drivers of your problem or demand. Even the most complex business-cases, models or strategic roadmaps can be captured in a concise and understandable structure.

We do not like fluff

Addressing a challenge in a complex environment can be tricky. Sometimes you need us to be in the line of fire, sometimes you need us to operate below the radar. No matter the situation, we apply the style that is required to achieve the highest impact for your business.

We adapt to the situation

Specialists in financial modelling

Blackfield specializes in financial modelling to enable companies to establish standardized total cost of ownership across domains, and to adopt integrated activity-based costing (ABC) models that provide a holistic view on costs of assets. 

A holistic view on your costs

Business case - Guide decision making by outlining the rationale for initiating a particular project or initiative, presenting its expected benefits, costs, risks, and potential return on investment.

Total cost of ownershipIdentify the overall cost associated with owning and operating an asset or system, including expenses such as maintenance, support, and operational costs.

Activity-based costing Assign costs to specific activities or tasks based on their actual consumption of resources, providing an accurate understanding of the true cost drivers within an organization.


Extensive experience

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Top quality services tailored to your needs 

Our story


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How can we help?

Simply submit your request and we will get in touch with you, or give us a call. 

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