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A team of experienced consultants

Our team looks back on 50+ years of experience of managing organizational transformations and cost efficiency programs across industries. Instead of the transactional approach of handing over a lot of slideware, we believe in leveraging the knowledge and expertise already present in your workforce to the fullest.

Team Blackfield

Blackfield is leveraging on a variety of experience and knowledge, based on different professional and personal backgrounds. Founded in 2022 by three partners with a shared vision on how to shape a new era of professional advisory.

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A background in exact science, 10+ years in consultancy and a zest for solving complex problems. Made his career in the financial industry, fast moving consumer goods and advertising. Designed and delivered multiple large, strategic programs. Is keen to leverage leadership and IT experience to deliver the digital or strategic fundament for your company.


Mark is result driven and retains an overview when challenges are complex, stakes are high and context keeps developing. At his best when leadership is needed in ad hoc and high-stake situations, facing serious time pressure.

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Mark van der Burgt

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A background in International Business Administration, specializing in entrepreneurship and philosophy. Specialized in strategy definition, operating models and value cases, with a strong eye for simplicity. Designed and led large transformational programs. Looks back at 10+ years of consulting in financial services, government affairs and technology.


Nick has a natural feeling for structure and connecting the dots. At his best when both the stakes and complexity are high. Stays calm in any situation operates as a trusted advisor close to the executive board of organizations.

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Nick Breukelman

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A background in Mechanical Engineering and Business Administration, specializing in finance, strategy and operations. Driven multiple projects at various large corporates with always a strong focus on connecting strategy to cost efficiency, lead time and agility of processes. In parallel, Vincent acted as entrepeneur in the veterinary sector for 10+ years.


Vincent is highly experienced in simplifying and quantifying complex challenges to drive decision making. Architect of multiple company-wide business cases, incorporating aspects of Agile and DevOps, (out)sourcing, workforce alignment and profitability.

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Vincent van Oeveren

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of industry trends, our team specializes in delivering strategic solutions, optimizing processes, and fostering innovation. We work closely with organizations of all sizes, customizing strategies to address your unique challenges. Whether you're looking to streamline operations, drive growth, or navigate change, our team is committed to guiding you towards achieving your goals efficiently and effectively.

Our story

Expert network

Expert network

Blackfield strategically utilizes an expert network to deliver added value to your business in various ways. Our network consist of a broad spectrum of specialized professionals and subject matter experts who collaborate with Blackfield to offer access to specialized knowledge and the latest industry insights.

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